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Judy Lin


Judy Lin is a staff reporter for CALmatters, covering education, pensions and finance. Her piece on “The Price of Education” revealed how fragile school funding is in California, particularly as teacher retirement costs rise amid economic uncertainty. She’s interested in what’s happening in classrooms and following the flow of public funds. A veteran of the Sacramento press corps, she joined CALmatters in late 2015 from the Associated Press, where she worked for eight years covering California state policy issues, including budget and health care. Before that, she was with The Sacramento Bee and The Detroit News. Judy has been recognized for her reporting on government accountability and investigative stories. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Judy is a longtime active member of the Asian American Journalists Association.

Four years after Gov. Jerry Brown launched his signature program to boost California jobs by awarding tax credits to the businesses that create them, businesses have left two thirds of those available credits unclaimed—a sign that most expected jobs have yet to materialize. Nor can the state say for sure how many of the administration’s 83,414 projected jobs over five years have actually been created. State offices responsible for awarding and monitoring the California Competes tax credits say they aren’t keeping count.

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