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Lenders are selling seniors on the idea of home renovation work; sometimes homeowners don’t realize they’ve taken on debt until it’s too late.

Amid California’s record-shattering housing prices, the state’s senior homeowners are sitting on a gold mine. That’s made them marks for con artists.

As California grapples with an increasing possibility that once-in-a-century wildfires are becoming once-a-year occurrences, larger swaths of the state’s population will find themselves living in the crimson high-risk regions of…

The mayors of Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland and Sacramento called for bold state action to remedy homelessness, including reviving an affordable housing funding source and making it easier to…

All of the important housing-related results from the election, including the future of rent control and the priorities of the incoming Newsom administration.

California's housing crisis dominated ballots up and down the state. Here's a roundup of some of the most important local housing initiatives on the ballot, from an Airbnb ban in…

With the death of California's proposition to expand rent control, perhaps the bigger question is what incentive the landlords have to compromise at all.

Now that California voters have given Gavin Newsom the job he has sought for eight years, he is about to discover that winning was the easy part. Here's his plans…

We break down the reasons Prop. 10 appears to be failing, and what lies ahead for the rent-control movement. It’s not all about the money.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said he'd work toward a deal between landlords and tenant groups if Prop. 10 loses. Proponents of Prop. 10 are skeptical.

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