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Lilly Ayers places a stick of sage in a bag while serving a customer at her store Queen Hippie Gypsy in downtown Oakland. All of the small businesses on Ayers’ block were damaged during California protests over the killing of George Floyd Minneapolis police.. Photo by Anne Wernikoff for CalMatters

Collateral damage: Can small businesses survive this “double whammy”?

The polling place at San Francisco City Hall on Super Tuesday 2020. Photo by Anne Wernikoff for CalMatters

Breakdown of Super Tuesday voters: Lower turnout for Latinos and youth translate into their underrepresentation

Eddie Wutangsy uses a bullhorn while chanting to the crowd of several thousand protesters as they march past Fresno Police headquarters during a protest over the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, May 31, 2020. Photo by John Walker, The Fresno Bee

A portrait of California protests: same message, different motives

A protester stands off against police during a demonstration May 29, 2020 Downtown Oakland. Thousands took to the streets Friday night in solidarity with protesters in Minneapolis against the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police earlier this week. Photo by Anne Wernikoff for CalMatters

California reckons with police violence

Proposal to prohibit police unions from funding district attorney campaigns doesn’t go far enough


California needs clean, healthy and safe local energy systems – microgrids