In summary

I wish that the three UC deans had made some specific suggestions as to how the funding for core instruction might be achieved.

By Richard Solomon, Oakland

Re “We must invest in the University of California, not cut core instruction”; Commentary, July 31, 2020

I am a University of California alumnus who has been auditing courses on the Berkeley campus for about eight years since I retired. Based on my experience sitting in on many courses, I endorse much of what the three UC deans of social sciences wrote.

However, I wish that they had made some specific suggestions as to how the funding for these investments might be achieved. While raising tuition is an obvious choice, most families are already straining to afford the present day costs. 

Should the state Legislature propose a tax increase?  Can our elected representatives convince their constituents in these very difficult COVID-19 related times that it is worth paying more taxes in order to support our public universities?  Should bonds specifically for this purpose be sold? 

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