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The California Justice Department is struggling to complete dozens of investigations into police shootings required under a 2020 law. A mother of one victim questions the intent of the law and what Bonta’s handling of it means for his rumored aspirations for higher office.

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Johanna Lopez

Johanna Lopez

Johanna Lopez is the mother of Brandon Anthony Lopez, who was fatally shot by Anaheim police in 2021.

Re: “AG Bonta: California police shooting cases will move faster

It’s been more than 600 days since my son, Brandon Anthony Lopez, lost his life to gunfire inflicted by city of Anaheim police officers Paul Delgado, Catalin Panov, Kenneth Weber and Brett Heitmann.

For 500-plus days, California Attorney General Rob Bonta, along with his investigative staff, have continuously received information that should lead to the preponderance of doubt that Brandon was indeed killed by the aforementioned officers. What else needs to be determined?

Let’s start with the ugly question that needs to be asked: Did California legislators – along with Bonta – draft Assembly Bill 1506 simply to quiet California residents and anti-law enforcement activists? Was AB 1506 designed as a mask solely for additional funding for California’s coffers? Are California’s elected legislators serious in holding law enforcement accountable – even when law enforcement associations are political donors?

Justice reporter Nigel Duara‘s recent article doesn’t adequately reflect on the protocol established or the manner the state Attorney General’s office conducts their investigation – and how the AG is failing to meet those standards. One of standards listed is to keep the affected families abreast during the course of the investigation. To date, I have never been contacted by anyone in the AG’s office on the progress of the investigation.

The number of families that continue to wait in vain for the investigations to conclude is staggering. Families are living in a holding pattern that’s contingent upon Bonta’s report.

Newsletter writer Lynn La mentioned Bonta’s aspirations to run for governor. If protocol is not being held to standard for AB 1506 and time continually ticks by during each investigation, how would Bonta handle any emergencies thrust his way if he was elected governor?

I don’t even want to think about it.

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