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Should Baby Boomers get a property tax break to move? The pros and cons of Prop. 5.

By Matt Levin

Would it be a merciful end to the “moving penalty” or a giveaway to rich homeowners and real estate agents? Proposition 5, which California voters will decide on this November, would allow homeowners age 55 and up to receive a major break on their property taxes when they move homes.

Is the Republican story about repealing the gas tax hike too good to be true?

By Ben Christopher

California Republicans want to repeal a recent hike in the gas tax and say that drivers can have smoother roads, more reliable public transit—and lower taxes too. Should voters believe them?

How does California really spend your gas tax dollars? See for yourself.

By Ben Christopher

Where do all those gasoline taxes and car fees you pay actually go? We tried to answer that question. Believe it or not, this interactive data octopus is the simple version.

CALQuiz: The state burns, Trump tweets, and a celebrity visits Sacramento

By Trevor Eischen

Take the California news quiz and see how closely you’ve been paying attention to the big stories.

As Capitol wildfire debate rages, utilities have doubled dollars on lobbying

By Laurel Rosenhall

Between the end of last year’s deadly wildfires and the start of this summer’s fatal blazes, utilities and insurers with a stake in the aftermath have poured more than $3.2 million into California campaign donations and another $5.2 million into state lobbying—a big spike.

California may mandate a woman in the boardroom—but businesses are fighting it

By Antoinette Siu

California is moving toward becoming the first state to fine companies that fail to have women on their boards of directors.

As California burns, climate goals may go up in smoke—even after the flames are out

By Julie Cart

Climate-warming compounds that will be released by the charred forests long after California’s record-setting wildfires are extinguished may do more to warm up the planet than the immediate harm from smoky air.

CALQuiz: Obama endorses, 3D-printed guns and firefighting help from abroad

By Trevor Eischen

Consider yourself an expert on California news? Let’s see if you’ve been paying attention this week to the big political and policy stories in the Golden State.


Brown’s being tricky about filling Supreme Court seat

By Dan Walters

A seat on the state Supreme Court has been vacant for 17 months and Gov. Jerry Brown has been coy about filling it. He seems to be waiting until an Aug. 30 deadline for placing names on the ballot, thus shielding his appointee from facing voters until 2022.

Big issues mean big trouble at end of legislative session

By Dan Walters

Californians should be wary when the Legislature makes big decisions in the hectic last days of its annual session and this year is no exception.

Despite law, politicians use taxpayer funds for campaigns

By Dan Walters

California law bars state and local officials from using taxpayer money for political campaigns. But it’s become a common practice, especially when voters are being asked to raise taxes.

Warm and fuzzy book about Browns falls short

By Dan Walters

“The Browns of California,” a new book about the state’s dominant political family, falls short by omitting facts that don’t square with the family’s images.

Resistance State

Becerra requests Trump administration emails, internal records about immigration crackdown

By Courtney Fong

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra <a href=”https://oag.

California lawmakers move against ‘junk’ health insurance

By David Gorn

The Trump administration says OK to short-term, bare-bones health insurance policies. A bill in the California Legislature says: not in the Golden State.

CALmatters Blogs

Yes, a political action committee exists to legalize ferrets

By Dan Morain

A political action committee wants ferrets legalized as pets in California. Ferret PAC’s Patrick Wright hopes Gavin Newsom notices his group’s $125 donation.

Where charter schools’ campaign money went in the gubernatorial primary

By Dan Morain

Charter school advocates financed Antonio Villaraigosa’s campaign for governor with more than $22 million.

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