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Matt Levin

Data Reporter

Matt Levin is the data dude for CALmatters. His work entails distilling complex policy topics into easily digestible charts and graphs, finding and writing original stories from data, running correlations for no reason, and yelling at his computer for something he did wrong in his code. Matt is a former research associate for the Public Policy Institute of California, where he specialized in poverty and social policy. He has reported for KQED’s The California Report, PBS Frontline, and Private Equity International Magazine. He has a Master’s in Public Policy from UCLA and an MS in Journalism from USC, but he'll always consider himself a Cal bear. Although he hates the phrase "wonk out", he will happily talk about your regression model with you.

How often does your legislator vote with powerful interest groups in Sacramento? With the help of our partners at Digital Democracy, we’ve created a unique dataset to help illustrate how the...

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