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California’s larger, green-carpeted legislative body is cleaning house. All 80 state Assembly positions are open to aspiring lawmakers eager to represent their corner of the state for the next two years. 


  • Immunity to decision fatigue required, as you will be casting as many as 3,000 votes a year 
  • Budgeting experience a plus: You will pass a state spending plan every year likely to exceed $200 billion
  • Commitment to lengthy and transparent policymaking, unless you get a spot on the powerful Appropriations Committee, where you’ll debate everything beforehand behind closed doors and then pass or kill all the bills at once
  • Humble enough to represent nearly 500,000 people (a population larger than Wyoming’s) and still possibly be unknown to anyone who isn’t a lobbyist, reporter or politics nerd


$119,702 per year for rank-and-file members, $128,680 for second-ranking members of each party, $137,655 for the speaker and the minority party leader, plus a per diem of $211, as long the Assembly meets once every three days (so say goodbye to three-day weekends).

Actual duties and responsibilities will vary depending on each applicant’s political party. Democratic applicants — whose party holds 56 of the 80 seats and is all but certain to maintain a commanding majority — should be prepared to craft important legislation. Republicans should be prepared to spend a lot of time criticizing Democrats and complaining about being frozen out of decisions.

About the hiring process:

Like much of the state’s labor market, the California Assembly experienced a “Great Resignation” this past year with 25 members of the Assembly taking a job elsewhere midway or announcing their retirement at the end of the current session. That’s a lot of turnover at a place known for its excellent job security

The Democratic Party’s lock on the Assembly isn’t in much doubt. But not all Democratic applicants are alike. They often disagree — about health care, housing, environmental regulation, taxes and labor law. With so many open positions in Democratic-leaning districts, expect unions, left-leaning activists and deep-pocketed business interests to aggressively push the Democrat of their choice. There’s also a lot at stake for Speaker Anthony Rendon. After the reported attempt last year to jettison him from leadership, the speaker is hoping to fill as many seats as possible with friendly faces.

And though they’re destined to remain in the minority, don’t count out the GOP. When Democrats are divided, the addition or subtraction of a Republican or two can make the difference between a bill becoming law or dying on the Assembly floor.

We have identified 13 positions in the first round of hiring that are especially noteworthy. For all positions, the top two applicants will move on to November. Seven Democrats and four Republicans are running unopposed, so have basically already been hired.



  • Democratic
  • Republican
  • American Independent
  • Green
  • Libertarian
  • Peace & Freedom
  • No Party
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District 1

Safe Republican
Joshua Brown
No Ballot Designation
Megan DahleIncumbent
Assemblywoman / Farmer / Businesswoman
Belle Starr Sandwith
Entrepreneur / Small Businesswoman
Kelly Tanner
Emergency Management Consultant

District 2

Safe Democratic
Charlotte Svolos
Special Education Teacher
Jim WoodIncumbent
California State Assemblymember

District 3

Safe Republican
James GallagherIncumbent
Assemblymember / Farmer, Businessman
David Leon Zink
Consultant / Community Organizer

District 4

Safe Democratic
Cecilia Aguiar-CurryIncumbent
State Assemblymember / Farmer
Bryan Pritchard
Winemaker / Business Owner

District 5

Safe Republican
Rebecca L. Chenoweth
Attorney / Coo
Jason Paletta
Police Officer
Joe Patterson
City Councilman / Businessman
Greg Smith
Small Business Owner

District 6

Safe Democratic
Janice Marlae Bonser
Care Provider
Cathy Cook
Retired Airline Pilot
Bob Marques
Electrical Contractor / Rancher
Kevin McCartyIncumbent
Josh Pane
Parent / Business Owner

District 7

Leans Republican
Ken CooleyIncumbent
California State Assemblyman
Josh Hoover
Board Member, Folsom Cordova Unified School District
Quintin Toshi Levesque
Businessman / Student Advocate
Jeffrey Erik Perrine
Raymond Riehle
Small Business Owner

District 8

Safe Republican
Jim PattersonIncumbent

District 9

Safe Republican
Heath FloraIncumbent
Parent / Farmer / Assemblyman

District 10

Safe Democratic
Eric Guerra
Councilmember / Legislative Director
Stephanie Nguyen
Councilmember, Nonprofit Director
Tecoy Porter
Pastor / Nonprofit Director
Eric M. Rigard
Retired Businessman
Ben Thompkins
Retired Emergency Physician

District 11

Safe Democratic
Jenny Leilani Callison
Consultant, Veterans Affairs
Lori D. Wilson
Mayor / Finance Director

District 12

Hot Race Safe Democratic
Sara Aminzadeh
California Coastal Commissioner
Damon Connolly
County Supervisor
Steve Schwartz
Farmer / Nonprofit Director
Ida Times-Green
School Board Trustee
More details

District 13

Safe Democratic
Mateo Bedolla
City Councilmember / Carpenter
Veronica Andrea Vargas
Vice-Mayor / Business Owner
Carlos VillapuduaIncumbent
State Assemblymember / Businessman

District 14

Safe Democratic
Buffy WicksIncumbent
Assemblymember / Mom

District 15

Safe Democratic
Tim GraysonIncumbent
Assemblymember / Business Owner
Jannell Elizabeth Proctor
Patient Health Advocate

District 16

Safe Democratic
Rebecca Bauer-KahanIncumbent
State Assemblymember / Mother
Joseph A. Rubay
Small Business Owner

District 17

Safe Democratic
David Campos
Criminal Justice Administrator
Matt Haney
Supervisor, City And County Of San Francisco
Bill Shireman
Environmental Solutions Entrepreneur

District 18

Safe Democratic
Mia BontaIncumbent
California State Assemblymember

District 19

Safe Democratic
Phil TingIncumbent
Assembly Budget Chair
Karsten Weide
Industry Analyst

District 20

Hot Race Safe Democratic
Jennifer Esteen
Psychiatric Registered Nurse
Joseph Grcar
Retired Laboratory Scientist
Shawn Kumagai
Councilmember / Navy Reservist
Liz Ortega
Labor Council Executive
More details

District 21

Hot Race Safe Democratic
James Hsuchen Coleman
Councilmember / Children'S Advocate
Mark Gilham
Small Business Owner
Maurice Goodman
San Mateo County Community College District Trustee
Giselle Hale
Mayor / Businesswoman / Mother
Alison M. Madden
Attorney / Tenant Advocate
Diane Papan
San Mateo Deputy Mayor
Tania Solé
More details

District 22

Hot Race Toss Up
Juan Alanis
Stanislaus Sheriff Sergeant
Chad M. Condit
Joel Gutierrez Campos
Regional Planner / Soldier
Guadalupe “Lupita” Salazar
Mother / Farmer
Jessica Self
More details

District 23

Safe Democratic
Marc BermanIncumbent
State Assemblymember
Tim Dec
Small Business Owner

District 24

Hot Race Safe Democratic
Bob Brunton
Small Business Owner
Kansen Chu
School District Trustee
Lan Diep
Teresa Keng
City Councilmember / Businesswoman
Alex LeeIncumbent
State Assemblymember
More details

District 25

Safe Democratic
Ash KalraIncumbent
Ted Stroll
Retired Appellate Attorney

District 26

Safe Democratic
Tim Gorsulowsky
Business Security Consultant
Long Jiao
Software Engineer
Evan LowIncumbent
State Assemblymember

District 27

Hot Race Leans Democratic
Amanda Fleming
Mother / Agricultural Retailer
Mike Karbassi
Councilmember / Small Businessman
Mark Nicholas Pazin
Retired Law Enforcement
Esmeralda Soria
City Councilwoman / Professor
More details

District 28

Safe Democratic
Liz Lawler
City Of Monte Sereno Council Member
Gail Pellerin
Retired County Clerk
Rob Rennie
Mayor / Decarbonization Advocate
Joe Thompson
Union Organizer

District 29

Safe Democratic
Stephanie L. Castro
Educator / Mom
Robert A. RivasIncumbent
State Assemblymember

District 30

Hot Race Safe Democratic
Dawn Addis
City Councilmember / Teacher
Zoe G. Carter
City Committeewoman / Businesswoman
John R. Drake
Housing Policy Director
Vicki Nohrden
Non-Profit Director / Educator
Jon Wizard
Councilmember / Housing Policymaker
More details

District 31

Safe Democratic
Joaquin ArambulaIncumbent
Doctor / Assemblymember
Dolce Misol Calandra
Real Estate Agent
John Mendoza
No Ballot Designation
Andrew Verhines
Operations Manager

District 32

Safe Republican
Vince FongIncumbent
Central Valley Assemblymember

District 33

Safe Republican
Ruben Macareno
City Councilmember
Devon J. MathisIncumbent
State Assemblyman
Jose Sigala
Tulare City Councilmember

District 34

Hot Race Safe Republican
Rita Ramirez Dean
Retired Professor
Paul Fournier
Homelessness Solutions Coordinator
Raj Kahlon
Real Estate Investor
Tom LackeyIncumbent
High Desert Assemblyman
Roger LaPlante
Veterans' Advocate
Thurston “Smitty” SmithIncumbent
Assemblyman / Small Businessman
More details

District 35

Safe Democratic
Jasmeet Bains
Family Doctor / Physician
Leticia Perez
County Supervisor

District 36

Safe Democratic
Eduardo GarciaIncumbent
California State Assemblymember
Marlon G. Ware
University Professor / Director
Ian M. Weeks
Certified Financial Planner

District 37

Safe Democratic
Gregg Hart
Santa Barbara County Supervisor
Mike Stoker
Small Businessman
Bruce Wallach

District 38

Safe Democratic
Steve BennettIncumbent
State Assemblymember
Cole Brocato
Small Business Owner
Daniel Wilson
Civil Servant

District 39

Hot Race Safe Democratic
Juan Carrillo
Councilmember, City Of Palmdale
Steve G. Fox
Attorney / Educator
Paul Andre Marsh
Community Services Liaison
Andrea Rosenthal
Housing Affordability Organizer
More details

District 40

Hot Race Leans Democratic
Annie E. Cho
Pilar Schiavo
Nurses Advocate / Businessperson
Suzette Martinez ValladaresIncumbent
Assemblywoman / Educator
More details

District 41

Safe Democratic
Chris HoldenIncumbent

District 42

Safe Democratic
Jacqui IrwinIncumbent
State Assemblymember
Lori Mills
Ted Nordblum
Small Business Owner

District 43

Safe Democratic
Luz Maria RivasIncumbent
Assemblywoman / Science Educator

District 44

Safe Democratic
Laura FriedmanIncumbent
Member Of The State Assembly
Barry Curtis Jacobsen
Business Owner

District 45

Safe Democratic
Joseph (Joe) W. Martinez
Governing Board Member, Rialto Unified School District
James C. RamosIncumbent
Assemblymember / Business Owner

District 46

Safe Democratic
Dana Caruso
Retired Assistant Principal
Jesse GabrielIncumbent
Member Of The California State Assembly

District 47

Toss Up
Christy Holstege
City Councilwoman / Businesswoman
Gary Michaels
E-Rate Company Owner
Jamie Swain
Truck Driver / Businesswoman
Greg Wallis
Assemblymember’S District Director

District 48

Safe Democratic
Blanca RubioIncumbent
Assemblywoman / Teacher

District 49

Safe Democratic
Burton Brink
Mike FongIncumbent
Member Of The State Assembly, 49Th District

District 50

Safe Democratic
Rodgir Cohen
University Professor
Eloise Gomez ReyesIncumbent
Assemblymember / Businessman / Attorney
Sheela Stark
Attorney / Mother / Entrepreneur

District 51

Safe Democratic
Louis Abramson
Scientist / Community Organizer
Rick Chavez Zbur
Civil Rights Attorney

District 52

Safe Democratic
Wendy CarrilloIncumbent
Gia D'Amato
Customer Service Representative
Mia Livas Porter
Environmental Advocate / Parent

District 53

Safe Democratic
Toni Holle
No Ballot Designation
Freddie RodriguezIncumbent
Assemblymember / First Responder

District 54

Safe Democratic
Miguel SantiagoIncumbent
Member Of The State Assembly

District 55

Safe Democratic
Isaac G. BryanIncumbent
Keith Girolamo Cascio
Software Developer

District 56

Safe Democratic
Lisa CalderonIncumbent
Member Of The Assembly
Jessica Martinez
City Of Whittier Councilmember
Natasha “Naty” Serrano
Procurement Buyer

District 57

Safe Democratic
Reggie Jones-SawyerIncumbent
California State Assemblyman

District 58

Safe Democratic
Leticia Castillo
Licensed Clinical Therapist
Sabrina CervantesIncumbent
California State Assemblymember
Bernard William Murphy
Civil Engineer

District 59

Safe Republican
Phillip ChenIncumbent
Assemblyman / Business Owner

District 60

Safe Democratic
Hector Diaz-Nava
Small Business Owner
Corey A. Jackson
Riverside County Board Of Education Member
Esther Portillo
Assemblymember District Representative
Jasmin Rubio
School Board Member / Educator

District 61

Safe Democratic
Angie Reyes English
Councilwoman / Councilman’S Deputy
Tina Simone McKinnor
Nonprofit Director / Businesswoman
Robert Pullen-Miles
Nico Ruderman
Neighborhood Councilmember
James Arlandus Spencer
Environmental Consultant

District 62

Safe Democratic
Maria Estrada
Anthony RendonIncumbent

District 63

Safe Republican
Bill Essayli
Attorney / Business Owner
Clint Lorimore
Mayor / Business Owner
Fauzia Rizvi
Businesswoman / Water Board Member

District 64

Safe Democratic
Elizabeth Alcantar
Mayor / Community Educator
Roberto “Rob” Cancio
Doctor / Educator / Businessman
Rose Espinoza
Executive Director / Councilwoman
Raul Ortiz Jr.
Pest Control Manager
Blanca Pacheco
Downey Mayor / Businesswoman
Ana M. Valencia
Teacher / Councilmember

District 65

Safe Democratic
Mike Anthony GipsonIncumbent
California State Assemblyman
Fatima Iqbal-Zubair
Public School Teacher

District 66

Safe Democratic
George Barks
Business Owner
Al MuratsuchiIncumbent
South Bay Assemblymember

District 67

Safe Democratic
Param Brar
Defense Contract Manager
Sou Moua
Cad Designer
Sharon D. Quirk-SilvaIncumbent
Assemblymember / Teacher
Soo Yoo
School Board President

District 68

Safe Democratic
Mike Tardif
Small Business Owner
Avelino Valencia
Councilmember / Assemblymember'S Deputy
Bulmaro “'Boomer” Vicente
Policy Director
James Wallace
No Ballot Designation

District 69

Safe Democratic
Al Austin II
Long Beach Councilmember
Janet Denise Foster
Health Care Administrator
Josh Lowenthal
Small Business Owner
Merry Taheri
Citizen Police Commissioner

District 70

Hot Race Leans Republican
Ted Bui
City Councilman / Businessman
Jason Gray
City Commissioner
Emily Hibard
Small Business Owner
Kimberly Ho
Westminster Councilwoman / Entrepreneur
Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen
Cancer Researcher / Councilmember
Tri Ta
Mayor / Business Owner
More details

District 71

Safe Republican
Matt Rahn
Mayor / Educator / Businessman
Kate Sanchez
Businesswoman / Taxpayer Advocate

District 72

Leans Republican
Diane Dixon
City Council Member
Judie Mancuso
Nonprofit Executive / Businesswoman
Benjamin Yu
Businessman / City Commissioner

District 73

Safe Democratic
Steven “Steve” ChoiIncumbent
Assemblyman / Educator / Businessman
Cottie Petrie-NorrisIncumbent
California State Assemblymember

District 74

Leans Republican
Laurie DaviesIncumbent
Assemblywoman / Businessowner
Chris Duncan
Mayor Pro Tem

District 75

Safe Republican
Randy VoepelIncumbent
Marie WaldronIncumbent
Business Owner / Assemblymember

District 76

Hot Race Toss Up
Kristie Bruce-Lane
Businesswoman / Water Advocate
June Cutter
Business Owner / Attorney
Brian MaienscheinIncumbent
Assemblymember / Educator
More details

District 77

Safe Democratic
Tasha Boerner HorvathIncumbent
California State Assemblymember
Dan Downey
Ceo / Financial Advisor

District 78

Safe Democratic
Eric E. Gonzales
Retail Sales Associate
Chris WardIncumbent
Member Of The Assembly, Dist. 78

District 79

Safe Democratic
John Moore
Retired Broker
Corbin Sabol
Project Manager
Akilah WeberIncumbent
State Assemblymember / Doctor

District 80

Hot Race Safe Democratic
David Alvarez
Small Business Owner
Georgette Gomez
Environmental Advocate / Businesswoman
Lincoln Pickard
Retired Contractor
John Vogel Garcia
Technology Manager
More details
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