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California’s delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives is hiring a new team of fierce debaters, policymakers and adept fundraisers for the 88th time running. 


  • Strong interest in crafting legislation is a plus — though strictly speaking it is not a requirement
  • Sufficiently persuasive to make the specific concerns of your 760,066 constituents a priority for most of your 434 other colleagues
  • As a two-year position with the opportunity for renewal, applicant must be willing to be in constant campaign mode
  • Unlike your counterparts in state government, applicants are not required to reside within their district — but it does look a little weird if you don’t


$174,000 per year for regular members, $193,400 for majority and minority leaders and $223,500 for House speaker (who is likely to be one of two Californians)

Actual duties and responsibilities will vary depending on each applicant’s political party and whether Democrats or Republicans control the House in January. Now, Democrats have a majority of a mere 11 seats, and California’s delegation includes 42 Democrats and 10 Republicans, with one vacancy.

About the hiring process:

Though the California delegation hired 53 members two years ago, new H.R. policy from the 2020 Census will limit this year’s team to 52. These positions are available in slightly modified (or in some cases, dramatically different) locations, as a result of the state’s recent redistricting process. Applicants are encouraged to consult our new maps.

Despite the slight reduction in the hiring pool, there are an unusual number of promising openings. Six incumbents have either opted not to seek their current position or — in the case of former Rep. Devin Nunes who is now CEO of former president Trump’s nascent social media company — left early.

To comply with another H.R. policy (the Voting Rights Act) — and to reflect California’s ethnic diversity — 28 of the positions are available in districts where a majority of eligible voters are not white. In 16 of those, a majority are Latino, compared to 13 in the prior congressional map.

For every position, only the top two applicants in the first round of hiring will move on for ultimate consideration in November. We have identified eight positions that we’ll be watching especially closely.



  • Democratic
  • Republican
  • American Independent
  • Green
  • Libertarian
  • Peace & Freedom
  • No Party
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District 1

Safe Republican
Tim Geist
No Ballot Designation
Doug LaMalfaIncumbent
Farmer / U.S. Representative
Max Steiner
Us Army Reservist
Rose Penelope Yee
Finance Businesswoman / Investor

District 2

Safe Democratic
Douglas Brower
Pastor / Father / Ceo
Chris Coulombe
Small Business Owner
Darian J. Elizondo
Business Owner
Beth Hampson
Educational Administrator
Jared HuffmanIncumbent
U.S. Representative
Archimedes Ramirez

District 3

Hot Race Safe Republican
Kermit Jones
Veteran'S Doctor / Businessman
Scott Jones
Kevin Kiley
California Assembly Representative
David Peterson
Small Business Owner
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District 4

Safe Democratic
Matt Brock
Water Utility Supervisor
Andrew David Engdahl
Account Executive
Scott Giblin
Information Systems Technician
Jimih L. Jones
Parts Advisor
Jason Kishineff
Mike ThompsonIncumbent
Member Of Congress

District 5

Safe Republican
Michael J. “Mike” Barkley
Lawyer / Accountant / Programmer
Nathan F. Magsig
County Supervisor / Businessman
David Main
Tom McClintockIncumbent
U.S. Representative
Kelsten Charles Obert
Steve Wozniak
Editor / Father

District 6

Safe Democratic
Ami BeraIncumbent
Doctor / Teacher / Congressman
Chris (Christine) Bish
Realtor / Financial Investigator
Karla Black
Mother / Student
Bret Daniels
City Councilmember
Mark Gorman
No Ballot Designation
Tamika Hamilton
Air Force Sergeant
D. Keith Langford Jr.
Online Grocery Picker

District 7

Safe Democratic
Jimmy Fremgen
School Teacher / Bartender
Doris MatsuiIncumbent
U.S. Representative
Max Semenenko
Small Business Owner

District 8

Safe Democratic
John GaramendiIncumbent
Rudy Recile
Small Business Owner
Christopher Riley
Teacher / Business Consultant
Edwin Rutsch
Community Organizer / Mediator
Cheryl Sudduth
Contracts Negotiator / Scientist

District 9

Hot Race Leans Democratic
Mark T. Andrews
Business Owner
Harpreet Singh Chima
Union Organizer / Researcher
Karena Apple Feng
No Ballot Designation
Josh HarderIncumbent
Father / Agriculture Committeeman
Khalid Jeffrey Jafri
Engineer / Farmer / Businessman
Jonathan Madison
Litigator / Business Owner
Tom Patti
County Supervisor / Business Owner
Jim Shoemaker
Tradesman / Business Owner
More details

District 10

Safe Democratic
Mark DeSaulnierIncumbent
Member Of Congress
Michael Ernest Kerr
Social Justice Advocate

District 11

Safe Democratic
Shahid Buttar
Public Interest Advocate
Eve Del Castello
Business Consultant
John Dennis
Independent Businessman
Nancy PelosiIncumbent
Member Of Congress
Jeffrey Phillips
Gig Worker
Blanca Von Krieg
Actress / Community Organizer

District 12

Safe Democratic
Glenn Kaplan
Small Business Owner
Barbara LeeIncumbent
U.S. Representative
Ned Nuerge
Retired Driving Instructor
Stephen Slauson
Electrical Engineer
Eric Wilson
Nonprofit Organization Employee

District 13

Hot Race Leans Democratic
Phil Arballo
Small Business Owner
John Duarte
Farmer / Businessman
David A. Giglio
Teacher / Business Owner.
Adam Gray
Legislator / Educator
Diego Javier Martinez
Business Owner
More details

District 14

Safe Democratic
Alison Hayden
Special Education Teacher
Sri “Steve” Iyer
International Renewables Executive
James Andrew Peters
Team Builder / Waiter
Liam Miguel Simard
No Ballot Designation
Major Singh
Software Engineer
Eric SwalwellIncumbent
U.S. Congressman
Tom Wong
Small Business Owner

District 15

Hot Race Safe Democratic
Emily Beach
Burlingame City Councilwoman
David J. Canepa
San Mateo County Supervisor
Jim Garrity
Security Safety Manager
Gus Mattammal
Small Businessman / Educator
Kevin Mullin
California State Assemblymember
Ferenc Pataki
Andrew G. Watters
Attorney / Software Developer
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District 16

Safe Democratic
Anna G. EshooIncumbent
Member Of Congress
Richard B. Fox
Physician / Attorney
John Karl Fredrich
California Credentialed Teacher
Rishi Kumar
Councilmember / High-Tech Executive
Peter Ohtaki
Financial Management V.P.
Ajwang Rading
Attorney / Entrepreneur
Benjamin Thomas Solomon
Fintech Startup Owner
Greg Lin Tanaka
Councilmember / Ceo / Father

District 17

Safe Democratic
Joe Dehn
Square Dance Caller
Stephen Forbes
Ro KhannaIncumbent
U.S. Congressman
Rao Ravul
Investor / Businessman
Ritesh Tandon
Researcher / Entrepreneur / Ceo

District 18

Safe Democratic
Luis Acevedo-Arreguin
U.S. Citizenship Instructor
Peter Hernandez
County Supervisor / Businessman
Zoe LofgrenIncumbent

District 19

Safe Democratic
Douglas Deitch
Water Policy Ceo
Dalila Epperson
Mom / Community Coordinator
Jeff Gorman
Small Business Owner
Jimmy PanettaIncumbent
U.S. Representative

District 20

Safe Republican
James Davis
Engineer / Economist / Author
Ben Dewell
Board Director / Meteorologist
James Mcauley
Retired Accountant
Kevin McCarthyIncumbent
U.S. Representative
Marisa Wood

District 21

Safe Democratic
Jim CostaIncumbent
Farmer / Representative
Eric Garcia
Father / Therapist
Michael Maher
Aviation Business Owner
Matt Stoll
Small Business Owner

District 22

Hot Race Leans Democratic
Chris Mathys
Businessman / Cattle Rancher
Adam Medeiros
Rudy Salas
California Legislator
David G. ValadaoIncumbent
Farmer / Congressman
More details

District 23

Safe Republican
Blanca A. Gomez
City Of Victorville Councilwoman
Derek Marshall
Community Organizer
Jay ObernolteIncumbent
Congressman / Business Owner

District 24

Safe Democratic
Brad Allen
No Ballot Designation
Salud CarbajalIncumbent
Member Of Congress
Jeff Frankenfield
Global Accounts Director
Michele R. Weslander Quaid
Entrepreneur / Coach / Educator

District 25

Safe Democratic
James Francis Gibson
Retired Farmer
Brian E. Hawkins
Councilmember / Pastor
Jonathan Reiss
Media Consultant
Raul RuizIncumbent
Emergency Physician / Congressman
Burt Thakur
Engineering Project Manager
Ceci Truman
Small Business Owner
Brian M. Tyson
Physician / Business Owner

District 26

Safe Democratic
Julia BrownleyIncumbent
Dave Goodman
Matt Jacobs
Federal Prosecutor / Father
Fadde Mikhail
Professional Sports Agent
Paul Nathan Taylor
Father / Businessman / Consultant

District 27

Hot Race Leans Democratic
Mike GarciaIncumbent
Congressman / Father
Ruth Luevanos
Mark Pierce
Federal Employees' Trainer
Quaye Quartey
Small Business Owner
David Rudnick
Business Owner
Christy Smith
California Environmental Councilmember
More details

District 28

Safe Democratic
Dorothy Caronna
No Ballot Designation
Judy ChuIncumbent
U.S. Representative
Giuliano “Gio” DePaolis
No Ballot Designation
Wes Hallman
Nonprofit V.P. / Father

District 29

Safe Democratic
Tony CardenasIncumbent
U.S. Representative
Margarita Maria Carranza
Retired Administrator
Angelica Maria Duenas
Mother / Community Organizer
Rudy Melendez
Laborer / Artist
Andy Miranda

District 30

Safe Democratic
Sal Genovese
Community Services Director
Patrick Lee Gipson
Deputy Sheriff / Instructor
Ronda Kennedy
Civil Rights Attorney
William “Gunner” Meurer
Business Owner
Johnny J. Nalbandian
Food Industry Businessman
G. “Maebe A. Girl” Pudlo
Silver Lake Neighborhood Councilwoman
Tony Rodriguez
Construction Recruiter
Adam B. SchiffIncumbent
U.S. Representative
Paloma Zuniga
No Ballot Designation

District 31

Safe Democratic
Daniel Bocic Martinez
Attorney / Entrepreneur / Educator
Rocco Anthony De Luca
Construction Project Manager
Grace F. NapolitanoIncumbent
U.S. Representative

District 32

Safe Democratic
Shervin Aazami
Nonprofit Legislative Director
Lucie Lapointe Volotzky
Business Owner / Grandmother
Jason Potell
Consultant / Community Activist
Raji Rab
Aviator / Educator / Principal
Aarika Samone Rhodes
Brad ShermanIncumbent
member, U.S. Congress
Melissa Toomim
Investigative Journalist

District 33

Safe Democratic
Pete AguilarIncumbent
U.S. Representative
Rex Gutierrez
Small Businessman
John Mark Porter
Disaster Response Coordinator
Ernest H. Richter
Retired Businessman

District 34

Safe Democratic
Jimmy GomezIncumbent
David Kim
Immigration Attorney
Clifton Rio Torrado VonBuck
Small Business Owner

District 35

Safe Democratic
Rafael Carcamo
Physician / Educator / Businessman
Mike Cargile
Independent Businessman
Bob Erbst
Educator / Parent
Lloyd A. Stevens
Systems Analyst
Norma J. TorresIncumbent
Member Of Congress

District 36

Safe Democratic
Joe E. Collins III
Retired Navy Sailor
Derrick R. Gates
Ariana Hakami
Financial Advisor
Matthew Vincent Jesuele
Software Engineer
Ted W. LieuIncumbent
Colin Kilpatrick Obrien
Claire Ragge
Small Business Owner
Steve Williams
Real Estate Broker

District 37

Safe Democratic
Chris Champion
Business Owner
Baltazar “Bong” Fedalizo
Private Equity Investor
Sydney Kamlager
CA State Senator
Daniel W. Lee
Mayor Of Culver City
Sandra Mendoza
Jan C. Perry
Community Investment Executive
Michael Shure

District 38

Safe Democratic
Eric J. Ching
Linda T. SanchezIncumbent
Mom / Congresswoman
John Sarega
Pastor / Business Owner

District 39

Safe Democratic
John Lordsal Minnella
Small Business Owner
Tony Moreno
Art Peterson
Retired University President
Aja Smith
Small Business Owner
Bill Spinney
Retired Businessman
Emmanuel Suarez
Poolman / Caretaker
Mark TakanoIncumbent
U.S. Representative / Teacher

District 40

Leans Republican
Young KimIncumbent
U.S. Representative
Asif Mahmood
Physician Internal Medicine
Greg Raths
Retired Marine Colonel
Nick Taurus
Junk Hauler

District 41

Leans Republican
Ken CalvertIncumbent
U.S. Representative
Shrina Kurani
Engineer / Entrepreneur
John Michael Lucio
Facilities Management Consultant
Anna Nevenic
Registered Nurse / Author
Will Rollins
National Security Prosecutor

District 42

Hot Race Safe Democratic
Joaquín Beltrán
Engineer / Community Organizer
John Briscoe
Governing Board Member
Julio Cesar Flores
Education Administrator / Entrepreneur
Cristina Garcia
Assemblymember / Math Teacher
Robert Garcia
Mayor Of Long Beach
J. Nicole Lopez
Non-Profit Organization Employee
Peter Mathews
William Moses Summerville
Pastor / Hospice Chaplain
More details

District 43

Safe Democratic
Jean M. Monestime
Omar Navarro
Small Business Owner
Allison Pratt
Youth Advocate / Mother
Maxine WatersIncumbent
U.S. Congresswoman

District 44

Safe Democratic
Nanette Diaz BarraganIncumbent
U.S. Congressmember
Morris Falls Griffin
Maintenance Technician
Paul Jones

District 45

Toss Up
Jay F. Chen
Lieutenant Commander / Business Owner
Long K. Pham
Business Owner / Nuclear Engineer
Michelle SteelIncumbent
U.S. Representative

District 46

Safe Democratic
Lou CorreaIncumbent
U.S. Congressman
Christopher J. Gonzales
Businessman / Attorney
Mike Nguyen
Broker / Business Owner
Mike Ortega
Biomedical Engineer
Felix Rocha Jr.
Retired Federal Agent
Ed Rushman
Technical Project Manager

District 47

Toss Up
Scott Baugh
Orange County Business Owner
Brian Burley
Small Business Owner
Amy PhanWest
Small Businesswoman
Katie PorterIncumbent
U.S. Representative
Errol Webber
Documentary Film Producer

District 48

Safe Republican
Stephen Houlahan
Registered Nurse
Darrell E. IssaIncumbent
Member Of Congress
Lucinda KWH Jahn
Entertainment Industry Technician
Matthew G. Rascon
Community Volunteer

District 49

Hot Race Toss Up
Lisa Bartlett
County Supervisor / Businesswoman
Mike LevinIncumbent
Us Representative 49Th District
Brian Maryott
Businessman / Nonprofit Executive
Josiah O'Neil
Sheriff'S Deputy / Businessman
Christopher Rodriguez
Councilman / Businessman / Farmer
Nadia Bahia Smalley
Private Nurse / Businesswoman
Renee Taylor
Cybersecurity Manager / Airman
More details

District 50

Safe Democratic
David Chiddick
No Ballot Designation
Corey Gustafson
Business Owner / Educator
Scott PetersIncumbent
U.S. Representative
Adam Schindler
Kylie Louie Vie Benitez Taitano
Tech Nonprofit Executive

District 51

Safe Democratic
Stan Caplan
Small Business Owner
Jose Cortes
Customer Service Representative
Sara JacobsIncumbent
U.S. Representative

District 52

Safe Democratic
Tyler Geffeney
Minister / Business Owner
Juan VargasIncumbent
U.S. Congressman
Joaquin Vazquez
Community Engagement Director
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