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Attorney General of California

Applicant Anne Marie Schubert is asking you to hire her for the role of Attorney General, which pays $189,841 per year. Her resume:

A portrait of Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert

Anne Marie Schubert

Sacramento County District Attorney

Professional Profile

Anne Marie Schubert became a prosecutor fresh out of law school and joined the Sacramento County’s District Attorney’s office in 1996. She never left. Though recent headlines have been abuzz about progressive D.A.s in Los Angeles and San Francisco who want to make the criminal justice system less punitive, Schubert is a career prosecutor of the older school: Tight with law enforcement, vocal about the rights of crime victims and critical of self-proclaimed reformers. Insisting that she’s “not a politician,” she left the Republican Party in 2018 and is running as an independent. 

If Schubert is known outside of Sacramento, it’s for her work dredging up grisly, unsolved murder cases and bringing them to trial. Remember the Golden State Killer, the serial murderer who stalked northern California in the 1970s and ‘80s and was finally caught in 2018 with the help of ​​an online genealogical database? Schubert helped lead the investigation and prosecution

Update: Schubert did not advance to the November general election.


Sacramento County District Attorney


Led a cold case prosecution unit to investigate unsolved murders with the use of DNA forensics, which led to the arrest of the “Golden State Killer.” 

Declined to charge two Sacramento police officers after they killed Stephon Clark, an unarmed Black man, in his grandmother’s backyard in 2018. 

Served as treasurer of the California District Attorneys Association at a time when the organization was investigated for misappropriating funds.

Led statewide tough-on-crime ballot measure campaigns 


Campaigned to preserve the death penalty in California by co-chairing the “No” campaign against Proposition 34 in 2012.

Co-authored Proposition 20 in 2020, an unsuccessful measure to stiffen penalties on property crimes and make it more difficult for some inmates to qualify for early parole.

In 2021, joined 43 other California prosecutors in suing the state to block rules allowing more prison inmates to qualify for early release.

Sacramento County deputy district attorney


Formed the department’s Cold Case Prosecution Unit in 2002, using what was then DNA forensic technology to investigate unsolved murders and other violent crimes.

Charged the “second story rapist” by using a novel approach, identifying suspects only with their genetic profile, to charge a 6-year-old cold case.


  • Peace Officers Research Association of California (state’s largest police union)
  • 40 California county district attorneys
  • Independent expenditure committee of public safety and victims’ rights advocates
  • Marc Klaas (victims advocate father of murder victim, Polly Klaas)

Fun Fact

Schubert launched her own campaign-funded true crime podcast. Called “Inside the Crime Files,” the podcast has so far featured episodes on the Golden State Killer, the notorious “Grim Sleeper” case and how DNA evidence helped exonerate of a man wrongfully convicted of murder.  

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