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Applicant Jenny Rae Le Roux is asking you to hire her for the role of governor, which pays $218,556 per year. Her resume:

Portrait of Jenny Rae Le Roux

Jenny Rae Le Roux

Management consultant

Professional Profile

Looking to make connections with the tech industry, Jenny Rae Le Roux moved to California more than a decade ago from Atlanta, where she worked for the global management consulting firm Bain & Co. Because she wanted to maintain a more rural lifestyle, Le Roux settled outside Redding, where she lives with her family on a 181-acre farm. Since then, she has helped build several businesses and, in 2012, purchased Management Consulted, which provides interview and resume prep for university students and corporate training services. She also graduated from Columbia Business School in 2018.

Frustrated by California’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and what she considered to be poor planning by the state, Le Roux jumped into politics last year during the recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom. She ultimately finished 29th among replacement candidates, receiving about 16,000 votes. But Le Roux is making another run for governor as a “pro-business fiscal conservative,” and so far, she has significantly outraised every other challenger to Newsom, other than Republican state Sen. Brian Dahle.

Update: Le Roux did not advance to the November general election.


Candidate for governor


Ran in the Newsom recall election, promoting a model for pandemic management based on hospital capacity that she said would better balance saving lives with keeping businesses and schools open.

Finished 29th among replacement candidates with about 16,000 votes.

CEO, Management Consulted


After purchasing it in 2012, Le Roux grew Management Consulted from a monetized blog to a consulting services business.

Company teaches seminars on consulting skills and corporate strategy aimed at university students, employees and people who want to become consultants.

Vice president of investments, Stillwater Equities

Built a portfolio of residential properties worth $8 million for real estate investment group, starting in 2010

Other prior jobs include business development for tap-and-pay software company Zenius and battery storage company EnergyX


  • California Republican Assembly, a conservative activist group
  • Won the Pat Nixon Republican Women Federated straw poll
  • CEO and controller of Irvine sensor technology company Futek have given maximum contributions to her campaign

Fun Fact

Le Roux shaved her head and traveled around the world with her best friend for a year after graduating college. She had three goals for each of the 14 countries she visited: Read a book about their history, do something to serve and have an adventure.

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