Kevin Kiley

Age: 36
Party: Republican
Home: Rocklin

State Assemblymember since 2017. Previously worked as an attorney and high school English teacher. Co-owns a farm with former U.S. Rep. Doug Ose, who is also running in the recall. 


Consumer privacy laws, the Second Amendment, small government


Special interest money, social media censorship, “one-man rule

If he becomes governor: 

  • Would address homelessness through more shelters and treatment, and conduct an audit of all state funding and programs
  • Would redirect funding from projects such as high-speed rail to highways, bridges, dams, reservoirs, levees, power plants 
  • Would end the state of emergency for the pandemic on his first day in office and opposes mask mandates for students and teachers 
  • Would support school vouchers to allow funding to follow the student, and break up the Los Angeles Unified School District into smaller districts
  • Would oppose “critical race theory” being taught in schools
  • Would undo “sanctuary state” designation that limits federal immigration officials from working with local law enforcement 
  • Would reverse expansion of Medi-Cal benefits to undocumented people
  • Would refuse to support any candidate who accepts contributions from lobbyists
  • Would use executive orders to roll back agency regulations that businesses find restrictive such as those on gig workers  

Personal quote:

“As your Governor, I’ll take action to turn California around just as rapidly as I spoke in that debate. No time to waste.”

Hear him on the issues:

Kiley explains why he won’t criticize Republicans and blames Gov. Gavin Newsom for COVID deaths.

YouTube video


  • Orrin Heatlie, a leader of the Newsom recall effort
  • Doug Ose, former member of Congress and recall candidate
  • Joel Anderson, former state senator and current county supervisor in San Diego
  • RedState, a conservative news site

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Note: Candidates for this series are those who have reached 5% in at least one major statewide poll.      

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