Newsom recall candidate Kevin Paffrath

Age: 29
Party: Democrat
Home: Ventura

Real estate broker who bought his first home at the age of 19. Hosts a YouTube channel about personal finance, stocks, taxes and real estate with 1.6 million subscribers. A self-declared centrist.


John F. Kennedy, blockchain, crashing Newsom campaign events


Identity politics,” censorship, leaving question 2 on the ballot blank

If he becomes governor: 

  • Would seek to address homelessness within 60 days with “optional, emergency housing,” built by the National Guard, that provides three meals a day, showers, health care and substance abuse treatment
  • Would declare a state of emergency on housing and streamline permitting to build two million homes in four years, and would redevelop commercial spaces for homes
  • Would seek to build “net negative” housing communities, built around solar and wind farms that export energy to the rest of California
  • Would eliminate state income tax on the first $250,000 earned
  • Would legalize online and in-person gambling and seek to build Las Vegas-style casinos in partnership with casino builders, tribal communities and union workers
  • Would invest in wildfire prevention with technologically advanced detection and response 
  • Would try to reduce crime by fully funding police departments, but shifting to better training and community integration instead of over-policing poor and minority communities
  • Would offer nonviolent offenders the option to do community service, such as cleaning streets and removing graffiti, instead of prison time
  • Would not impose any further COVID lockdowns, but would not ban counties or cities from imposing restrictions 
  • Would establish ‘‘Future Schools” — two-year programs open to anyone age 16 and older that combine college, trade school, high school and financial education, and work with industry and nonprofits to create a hiring pipeline
  • Would seek the federal government’s help on the state’s water shortage by building a 14-foot-diameter pipeline from the Mississippi River to California
  • Would refocus high-speed rail money to reduce traffic congestion and pollution by building new roads, including variable-direction toll roads 
  • Would start a daily vlog on his work as governor to boost transparency

Personal quote:

California is beautiful. We’ve just lost our edge.

Hear him on the issues:

Paffrath discusses his big ideas for California and why he dislikes Gov. Gavin Newsom.

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Note: Candidates for this series are those who have reached 5% in at least one major statewide poll.      

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